Como dizer "ACEITA ser meu namorado" em inglês

Como dizer a alguém "Você ACEITA ser meu namorado", sem parecer que estou dizendo "Você QUER ser meu namorado".

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Will you be my boyfriend?
Paraphrasing the "will you marry me?" :-)

Anyway, a shy girl or some others would rather "make a move" somehow, perhaps comment or ask a friend of hers to mention to him that "that girl is crushing on you/is into you" (está a fim de você) did you know?
Or something like that. Girls didn't use to go straightway, they used 'workarounds' to communicate (from the boys' point of view, of course). Nowadays, there are all kinds of approaches, let's wait for more comments to come up our way.
Where there's a will there's a way...
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Qual a diferença de:
"Do you wanna be my boyfriend" para " Will you be my boyfriend?
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Do you wanna sounds more colloquial, "will you" more official in kind. I think the first is more 'teen'.
Notice: 'teen' for people until age 27 nowadays! :-) just kidding around. :-)
But, chances are... These days that many girls are 'teens' around their 20s, 25 max, and boys remain up until 27.
Of course, For every rule, there is an exception, including this one. :-)
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Um complemento:

Sobre "Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?"

It's something that would be pretty common to kids in high school, perhaps around 14 to 16 years old, but pretty rare outside of that.
It kind of becomes implied when you continue going on dates - so if you go on a first date, and it goes well, you might ask the person "Can I see you again?" or "Can we do this again?" or say "I'd really like to see you again, maybe next week?". If they say yes, and you continue going out on dates, you more or less become boyfriend and girlfriend, it's more implied than stated.
An adult talking about their boyfriend or girlfriend is common; an adult asking someone to be their boyfriend/girlfriend seems juvenile.
I agree as well. You'd most likely go on a date. If it works out, then you see each other more often.

Once it gets to a point where you want to be boyfriend/girlfriend, you'd most likely have an adult conversation in which you ask if you two are "exclusive".
Ref. Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?

Bons estudos!
Ah yes
I understood

I'm translating a novel, and in the narrative there is the situation where the girl asks the boy to date,
Then I had the doubt
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Cool! If you have any more questions, you can count on the English Experts Team!