Como dizer "Ajoelhar no milho" em inglês

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Em Português : Ajoelhar no milho
Em Inglês ...... : kneeling on grits

1 - A punishment abusive parents routinely used to inflict on children.

Um castigo que era dado pelos pais aos filhos e pelos professores aos alunos pelo mal

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Thomas 7 61 291
Two observations:

(1) This is not a punishment used in the USA. There may be a few nuts who do it, but such treatment of a child would probably result in a jail sentence.

(2) When Americans hear "grits", we tend to think of cooked grits (boiled, fried, and eaten in the South as a part of breakfast)/ These grits are about as soft as mashed potatoes. Do you see the problem? It doesn't sound like a painful punishment at all.
Mark Hartner 1 3
"Taken out to the woodshed."
The woodshed is a small shack out behind the house where parents or teachers take children to spank them. You may also use the phrase "woodshed talks", which means to have a conversation out in the woodshed, but really means to get a spanking.