Como dizer "Aprovar lei em regime de emergência" em inglês

Simon Vasconcelos 4350 7 85
O presidente pediu para que o Congresso aprovasse a lei em regime de emergência.
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Henry Cunha 10190 3 16 182
There is a difference between a state of emergency law and (any) law being passed under a state of emergency. I think the second meaning may have been the one intended?

PPAULO 56825 6 43 1014
I tought the initial post as it is might be understood as "lei de emergência" wich would be the one that Telma so impeccably have explained, it deals with situations in wich there are danger of riots, loots etc.

"Em regime de emergência", the term I think Simon tought of, is the process of fast-tracking (expedite the procedures of) the passing of a bill.

as in:
House, Senate Will Fast-Track New Pipeline Safety Bill ... afety-bill
Bills considered under the fast track are introduced at the president’s request by the leaders in both houses of Congress (or by other members that they designate).

If so, my (loose) translation would be:
O presidente pediu para que o Congresso aprovasse a lei em regime de emergência.
The president asked the House of Representatives and the Senate (of Brazil) that they fast-tracked the bill.

Notice: It seems that in the U.S. President doesn´t simply ask/order or something; he, at the most, can "urge" the House of Representatives or Senate.

If I am not mistaken, obviously. ... gn-workers

'Obama welcomed the Senate vote and urged the House to follow suit."

“To our friends in the House, we ask for your consideration, and we stand ready to sit down and negotiate with you,” McCain said.

There are an exception, when it comes to trade, the president can directly fast-track it.

PPAULO 56825 6 43 1014
The intended meaning in my post was that we call in Brazil uma lei aprovada em "regime de urgência". In haste I had tought it as "em estado de emergência", it was the question´s fault and my fault as well.

Telma Regina 23305 9 60 586
The President requested the Congress to aprove a State of Emergency Law.