Como dizer "Assumir o filho" em inglês

Daniel Reis 1 17
Ex: o teste de DNA deu positivo no ratinho e agora ele vai ter que assumir o filho (a criança).

Algo similar em inglês?


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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Para dizer "assumir o filho" ou "assumir a criança" em inglês, neste contexto, sugiro a utilização da expressão "accept responsibility for the child". Confira um exemplo de uso com ela a seguir para ilustrar melhor.

  • I should have told her I was ready for a relationship and happy to accept responsibility for the child and that he or she would be brought up in a loving family. [Google Books - Paul Hendy]

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Legally, I would say yes, it´s a tricky question so it would call for a more elaborated answer (wich would, of course depend on several factors - there will be several kinds of situations).

So, some examples:
A guy marries a woman that have a child from previous marriage - he cares about the child as if he/she is one of his own (ele assume o filho/filha), and vice-versa to a woman that marries a man in this situation.
A guy have a child out of the wedlock, before or while his present marriage (same example to a woman), he may accept/recognize the child as a child (as if it is of his own/her own).
"To fill the role of a father/mother" would do, since it serves well to mean it, whether or not the father/mother is a biological one or not. Also ''to raise his/her child" (the bio the mother or father, isn´t in the life of the child anymore, or he/she may give financial support, etc, since it´s required by law.)
"to raise" encompasses the cases of adoptive child, it´s a way of saying that in a more broad sense. ... -childfree ... -affair-2/

"Assumir" can also be "recognize" the child (as his child, generally it´s what happens.) ... -paternity

Let´s wait for more comments, this answer is a kick-off, some further elaborating/polishing may come. See you around.