Como dizer "Berrante" em inglês

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Como digo "Berrante" em inglês?

PS: Nem sei se lá existe..
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Sim, existe.

Blowing horn


Winding horn

The Blowing Horn (also known as the 'Winding Horn' or the 'Blast Horn') is surely one of mankinds oldest musical instruments. Musical instruments with a sound generated by buzzing the lips (the definition of the 'brass' family), made of both wood and animal horn, are known all over the world. However because these materials do not survive for long underground the oldest horns extant in Europe are metal, and date to the Bronze Age. A horn found in Intermessan in Scotland was side blown, and obviously modelled on an animal horn. It dated to around 800BC, and shows us that both metal and cow horns were in use in Britain at this time.

The oldest survivng animal horn is from around 1500 years later, from a deep bog in Visnum, Sweden. It dated from the late Iron Age, and had five finger holes. Only slightly younger is the Ripon Charter Horn, given to the town of Ripon in 886 by Alfred the Great.This type of Blowing Horn is made from a single cow horn, so it is also known as a Cow Horn Trumpet or Cow Horn Bugle.


Boa sorte!
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Thanks Donay!
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Olá pessoal,

Será que podemos também usar "Shofar" ou "Viking horn"?

O que acham?