Como dizer "Boca de fumo" em inglês

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Português: boca de fumo, lugar onde se comercializa, usa, etc drogas
Inglês: point-of-sale for drug users, drug den

  1. That area was long a “boca de fumo,” a point-of-sale for drug users, but Marques de Melo noted it was not just drugs and guns that bothered her — prostitutes would conduct business under a towering tree that bursts from the patch of hill between her home and Saint Roman.
  2. Transvestite's drug den shut down after neighbours' lives are made a 'nightmare'. The apartment, part of a complex for elderly people off the lower end of Lincoln's High Street, had been the scene of class A drug use and repeated disorder for nine months.The den – which until yesterday was occupied by transvestite heroin addict Philip Garside – was regularly visited by known drug-users who plagued residents at Toll Bar House on Bargate
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