Como dizer "Boca santa" em inglês

JacksonB 2
When somebody says something could happen, or simply mentions something about it.. and then... IT HAPPENS!

John: Oh, luckily it's sunny today, i couldn't stand rainy days anymore!
Mindy: Sure!
-------------- Starts raining ------------------
Mindy: OH JOHN! You are such a .................... ! (Boca santa!!!)

And we often say that like this > "Êta boquinha santa, hein"

I did my best to find this one.. no way :/
see you, guys...

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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k


You're such a jinx!

Boa sorte!
JacksonB 2
Thank you, Donay!
Your suggestion works like a charm in my example. :)

However, "Boca Santa" can also be used is positive situations, like...

John: Oh i miss Mary, she seems to be hidden..
Me: Yeah.. long time no see..
------------- Mary shows up! ---------------
Me: What a ................., John!("Boca santa")

See ya