Como dizer "camelódromo" em inglês

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No Brasil, camelódromo é o nome utilizado para o local onde se econtram diversos vendedores ambulantes, em geral, importadores de mercadorias ilegais ou não, que são trazidas de países como Paraguai, EUA, etc. Em inglês, podemos definir camelódromo como um "black-market shopping mall". Vejam um trecho em inglês:

A quick hop on the public transportation system (combis: an assortment of privately owned vans that act as the city’s bus system) would take me from Altomar to Polvos Azules, Lima’s official black-market shopping mall [o camelódromo oficial de Lima ], to buy some cheap clothes and electronics. (


Bons estudos!

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Great tip!

Still, the moment I read this thread I felt as if I should strongly express my opinion about it (nothing really serious, though :). I just would like to observe that - in Brazil - we can't ignore the fact that not all stores which integrate the so-called "Camelódromos" are part of the black-market. For instance, at many of these stores it is possible to pay for the items you buy by using your credit/debit card. Also, many of these stores (most of them consisting of small businesses) are taxed on their revenue and to some extent are subject to the same regulations applied to "legal" stores. The bottom line is that it would be somewhat unfair to consider all camelódromo stores as "black-market" ones (as "black-market" itself is such a strong-expression, even if accompanied by shopping-mall - which can undoubtfully soften the message).

All in all, this is just a little bit of nitpicking so that we become more aware about these subtle differences.

Cheers :)
timphillips 10
In São José do Rio Preto(SP), these stalls were packed in a square inthe middle of town and they all used blue groundsheets as overhead cover.
The place was affectionately konwn as the "shopping azul"
"Uau, que tenis da hora, onde voce comprou? No shopping...azul"
Now the city council has moved them all to "better" accommodation above the bus station. It doesn't have the same atmosphere and we miss out "shopping azul"
Thanks for the new word in my vocabulary "camelódromo"
Thomas 7 60 289
Tim, maybe you made a typo:
we miss out = we miss our?

I suggest "indoor swapmeet". That's the expression I heard in California.

"Polvos Azules" in Lima is quite a place. I heard of a fellow who went there looking for a replacement for a hubcap stolen from his car. He was told to wait 30 minutes. Half an hour later, someone appeared with exactly the right hubcap! When he returned to his car, he realized he had bought on on the three hubcaps that had been on his car when he arrived at Polvos Azules.