Como dizer "Campanha marcada por escândalos" em inglês

Avatar do usuário Breckenfeld 4105 11 90
My suggestion:

Scandal-scarred campaign.

For example: Moore supporters sticking by candidate in final leg of scandal-scarred campaign.

Apoiadores de Moore permanecem com o candidato na etapa final da campanha marcada por escândalos.

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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 40225 6 32 701
That led me to a headline on the site Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, it sums up pretty well that feeling: A 'Dirty' Campaign Of Historic Proportions.
One could also described that by saying that it seems like a "race to the gutter".
Words like vicious, smearing, mudslinging (also mud-slinging) comes to mind, they are likely keywords to run a search on the topic.