Como dizer “Carta de despedida (carta azul)” em inglês

Zumstein 11030 1 23 352
Dear John Letter

A letter from a wife or girlfriend to her husband or boyfriend, informing that the relationship is over.
Usually precipitated by the writer's having met a third party. (Wiktionary)
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PPAULO 47165 6 39 832
Dear John letter.
I wonder how would be the other way, Dear Jane letter perhaps?

Now, in comtemporary times it might be changed into Dear John mail/text msg? he he. :lol:

Zumstein 11030 1 23 352
You’re right, PPaulo

Dear Jane letter
A letter from a man to a woman breaking off a love affair.

PPAULO 47165 6 39 832
It´s what I thought. Thanks for sharing.