Como dizer "Cavaleiros do Zodiaco" em inglês

"Cavaleiros do Zodiaco" = "Saint Seiya" or "Knights of the Zodiac" (It seems that the former is much more used than the latter) .
PS: I couldn't find an "English narrated" opening on Youtube. All the "English" openings I found (like the one shown below) were just the original Japanese one, so, my guess is that such "English narrated" opening doesn't even exist!
PS 2: If anyone knows the name of other famous 80s and 90s cartoons in English, feel free to complement this post!

Hope it helps. ;)

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Cavaleiros do Zodiaco, or Saint Seiya, was broadcasted by Cartoon Networks in the United States under the name of Knights of the Zodiac. However, the anime was not as successful as it was here in Brazil and in many other countries. I find myself a huge fan of it, owning many products, such as mangas and some action figures.