Como dizer "Centrar a bola (cruzar)" em inglês

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Lançar (a bola) para a área adversária (Aulete)

Centre UK / Center US

Kick the ball from the side to the middle of the area.
- Jack centered the ball to Michael.
- The player that centred the ball for Allen to score the equaliser was Richardson.

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É correto dizer "cross the ball"?

Ex.: He crossed the ball.

Thank you in advance!
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Yep, Deadpool. You can say that.
Accoreding to definition by the Cambridge Dictionary:
In some sports, to hit, kick, or throw the ball across the playing area to another player, not forwards or backward.

And there is another situation as well: "cross the ball into the box" (the Penalty box), it is a specific situation in which a player centre the ball towards the box, see? It's a specific kind of crossing. When the players have passed the midfield and are in the end phase of the attack, it's the right time to score the goal.