Como dizer "Centro Espírita" em inglês

Ed1 escreveu:As a spiritist English teacher, I should say that there is a difference between spiritist and spiritualist. If you are a spiritualist, you believe in the existence of spirits. In other words, if you are catholic, spiritist, evangelical, etc. you are a spiritualist. If you are a spiritist, you believe in the spiritist doctrine, compiled by Kardec. As a matter of fact, the word spiritist was coined by him, to make the distiction of those who believe in his writings and those who believed in spirits, but not in the spiritist doctrine.

Corretíssima essa observação Ed1 :D
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Be very careful with using spiritualist out of context. The word is commonly used to describe quacks who bilk people out of money and belongings with promises of communication with the dead.

Main Entry: spir·i·tu·al·ist Pronunciation Guide
Pronunciation: -schwaldotted schwast
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): -s
Etymology: probably from (assumed) New Latin spiritualista, from Medieval Latin spiritualis spiritual + Latin -ista -ist
1 : one whose chief interest is in spiritual things and who tends to interpret things in a spiritual sense : a spiritually minded person : one whose ideas have a spiritual basis
2 : one who maintains the doctrine of philosophical spiritualism
3 a : one who believes in spiritualism : one who seeks intercourse with departed spirits
b usually capitalized : a member of a religious organization practicing or believing in spiritualism

You can say "I am Spiritist" . The doctrine name is "Spiritism" . It is not correct to use the word "Kardecian". For "Centro Espirita" you can say "Spiritist Center".

Bairral Hospital in Itapira is a Spiritist Hospital. They use not only classical medical treatments but also Spiritist treatments (Passes (energetic transfusion), disobsession and Gospel therapy).
You can say " Spiritist Centre."
anita escreveu:Hi, guys! Now I can confidently say "I'm a spiritist" or "I'm a spiritualist" or "I'm Kardecian" thanks to you all.
Yes, Donay, I totally agree with you. Although my goal was not to arise religious issues here, I'm glad to know that we all from this post agree on the amazing contributions of Kardec's on the spiritual world. :)
Henry, I'm afraid I can't answer your question about the hospital in Itapira. Sorry :(

Hey Anita,

When you refer to spiritualist it means you believe in something else apart from the material side. In other words, you believe in a spiritual life not just material. So it means that anyone else who believe in God is a spiritualist as well.

So the best reference you can use is that you are Spiritist. You can refer to The Spirit's book which you can find many other words and you can easily find at this link

I'm a spiritist and I have been studied many "technical" words about it. If you have any question, just let me know.

The best way to answer all of the questions about spiritism is in the book of spirits. Buy or download a free English version of the book and on the very first pages, Kardec takes care to name everything, already assuming there was going to be issues about it in the future.
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Henry Cunha escreveu:Would the Bairral Hospital in Itapira belong to the Espiritas? Do you know?

Henry, you haven't shown up on the forum in a long time, but yes, the hospital belongs to Fundação Espírita Américo Bairral, in Itapira-SP, to which most of the local Spiritists probably go. So does the Instituto Bairral de Psiquiatria started by its founder Américo Bairral. He died before workers finished the building.

I don't think the Instituto charges its clients anything. It probably treats them all for free.