Como dizer “Chapa (ajudante de caminhão)” em inglês

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Ha ha, it´s my sense of humor kicking in. It wasn´t meant to be in the literal sense of the sentence. You know, I have been studying English for a while, but I feel like a kid before you more advanced guys, as if I am just beggining my student life. Kinda.
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You might say "a loader"
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More like a full (transportation) truck driver helper, since a loader could be one of team of hands hired to load delivery trucks, etc. And working by shifts.
As per some descriptions I saw on the Web.

Anyway, one can think of such helper is a loader too. Indeed in Brazil those are more of a loader than driver helper.
Only a tiny fraction of them has a driver licence and when they get a licence they become truck drivers, as if that was a promotion of sorts.
But again, a tiny fraction, a lucky selected few indeed!