Como dizer “Chapa (ajudante de caminhão)” em inglês

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On main routes arriving or leaving Sao Paulo you can often spot a hand painted sign with "chapa" that indicates a spot where truck drivers can find casual labor to help load and unload trucks, or to inform and to show truck drivers a way in the city and the region.
These are the main activities realized by the working men known as “Chapas”.

Do we have a name for “chapa” in English?

Ajudante de caminhão free-lancer, aguarda na beira da estrada por motoristas caminhoneiros, para prestação de serviço de carga e descarga. (dic. Informal)
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There's a term for it in English as well (in North America at least). It's either "truck driver helper", "driver helper" or "truck helper".

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Calunga = other word for "chapa".

No stand-alone word for "chapa" or "calunga". You'd have to (fully) describe what a "chapa" or "calunga" does, so that native speakers of English understand it. I'd start with "a trucker's adjutant".

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(A Truckie/truck driver ) Mate

As in:
"Truckie calls for 'danger money' after watching mate die." ... s/1720141/
Main Entry: associate
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: colleague
Synonyms: accessory, accomplice, affiliate, aid, ally, assistant, auxiliary, branch, buddy, chum, clubber, co-worker, cohort, collaborator, companion, compatriot, comrade, confederate, consort, cooperator, crony, fellow, friend, helper, joiner, kissing cousin, mate, offshoot, one of the folks, pal, pard, partner, peer, playmate, sidekick
Antonyms: antagonist, competitor, enemy, foe, opponent, rival, stranger

and in the samy entry-
coadjutant, helper, coworker etc.

There is the Pet Shop Boys´ song The Truck Driver and his Mate, many people tought it had to do with fags or something, hahaha. :D English sometimes can be embarassing! haha. :D

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In haste I had also forgotten "truck mate", perhaps it´s a Brit term or maybe the two expressions coexist in the Uncle Sam´s land, Tradutora?

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The noun "mate" is not commonly used in the U.S. and Canada, except when talking about sharing a dwelling with other people. Then we use words like roommate, flatmate and housemate.

Oh, a few other words: classmate and teammate.
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Thanks for the insightful answer. It´s not always we have an insider like you to unload us of our cruel doubts, he he.
Indeed you are worth your weight in gold! ;)

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Thanks PPAULO, but I don't want to take all the credit. There are other insiders, like Henry (Canada) and Sam (U.S.), who provide good insight.

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Oh, yes. I am such an airhead! In fact, I meant the help offered in the current thread.
Anyway, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all from abroad, I even knew Thomas from other Forum. This guy is a trove of good information as well.
Not to mention the homegrown Experts, Adonay, Telma, to name a few. When I grow up I want to be like you guys.

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PPAULO escreveu:When I grow up I want to be like you guys.
LOL, aren't you married? I've probably lived more than half of my life and I keep saying "when I grow up" as well, most often in the sentence, "I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up".

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Ha ha, it´s my sense of humor kicking in. It wasn´t meant to be in the literal sense of the sentence. You know, I have been studying English for a while, but I feel like a kid before you more advanced guys, as if I am just beggining my student life. Kinda.

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You might say "a loader"

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More like a full (transportation) truck driver helper, since a loader could be one of team of hands hired to load delivery trucks, etc. And working by shifts.
As per some descriptions I saw on the Web.

Anyway, one can think of such helper is a loader too. Indeed in Brazil those are more of a loader than driver helper.
Only a tiny fraction of them has a driver licence and when they get a licence they become truck drivers, as if that was a promotion of sorts.
But again, a tiny fraction, a lucky selected few indeed!

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