Como dizer "Chapa (de eleições)" em inglês

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Hey there!

A palavra em questão é chapa, seja para eleições na turma, de síndico, sindicato ou em qualquer relação onde ocorra uma escolha entre grupos que disputam algo mediante votos.

Definição do Wikipedia:
A slate is a group of candidates that run in multi-seat or multi-position elections on a common platform.
The common platform may be because the candidates are all members of a political party, have the same or similar policies, or some other reason.

Sugestão: Slate (n)

1) Earlier this year, he and a slate of allies won big in local council elections across Iraq. (
2) Leyda refused to vote in the recent elections, which featured a single slate of candidates for the national assembly. (
3) Maliki fought hard to keep his job, even though his electoral slate was not the top vote getter in the elections. (

Apesar de semelhante, pode não ser a mesma coisa que partido. Aí, sugiro o uso da palavra Party.

Cheers! :)
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Ticket is when two candidates run together whereby a vote for one is a vote for both. In the US, the president and vice president run on a single ticket. The difference between a slate and a ticket is this: in a slate you pull the lever* (vote) for each candidate separately, even though they campaigned together. In a ticket you pull the lever once for both.


The idea of a Clinton-Biden ticket in 2016 surfaced when Matthews asked his panelists whether Clinton’s prospects for securing the Democratic nomination would be better once she left office, or as a part of the Obama administration.

Read more: ... z3ATKdAPQ2

* "Pull the lever" refers to the act of voting. Voting machines used to have levers next to each candidate's name or next to each ticket and you would pull the lever to vote. A lever is a switch. Modern voting booths now have buttons to press, but the term "pull the lever" is still the term used by the media at election time. Here's a photo of an old voting machine ... achine.png

Winnie 790 2 19
A slate is not the same thing as a party. In the US often a group of people always from the same party run together as a slate for open seats in local elections.

For example:

Democrats Joe Smith, Erin Murphy and Don Brown are running together as a slate for the three open position on the town council.

The advantage of running as a slate is that the candidates can share campaign expenses such as printing, mailings, lawn signs and rallies.

It's less common for candidates for state or federal offices to run as a slate. (but I could be wrong)

In my town, it's very common for candidates to run as a slate.

magnusmanrik 195 3
Chapa eleitoral = ticket

"TSE to hold nine more sessions to rule on Dilma-Temer ticket" = "TSE espera nove sessões para julgar chapa Dilma-Temer"
"Bolsonaro puts military general as VP on election ticket" = "Bolsonaro coloca militar general como vice-presidente em chapa eleitoral"

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Thank you buddy!
Now everything is clear :D

Marcelo Pias 640 1 2 14
I've been watching Everybody Hates Chris these days and if memory serves me they use TICKET.

Example: Do you wanna join our ticket?

I'm not 100% sure, though. Is there any expert here who could confirm that?

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