Como dizer "Classe Alta" em inglês

Adriano Japan 2 20
Upper Class

Most people who are upper class believe themselves to be middle class, so you probably fall into this category. I went to a high ranked business school with many rich students, and most rich people do not realize that the way they live is abnormal. On multiple occasions people could not understand why I wasn’t able to spend $100+ on a night out.


Como dizer "Classe média alta" em inglês
Como dizer "classe c" em inglês

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Thomas 7 60 290
UPPER CLASS refers a social class (or social classes).

HIGH CLASS refers to quality. HIgh class diamonds, high class manners etc.
Adriano Japan 2 20

upscale - very expensive, fashionable, and intended for people from a high social class:

an upscale restaurant/store/neighborhood/mall

upmarket - appealing or catering to high-income consumers; of high quality; not easily affordable or accessible:

upmarket fashions
Thomas 7 60 290
Excellent posts, Adriano.