Como dizer "Classificados" em inglês

Eu ouvi na TV o anúncio: "a cada 1 minuto 4 coisas vendem.'' [Classificados grátis é na OLX]

Minhas perguntas: (a) como dizer "classificados" neste contexto em inglês? (b) Se vocês puderem também, como digo "a cada 1 minuto 4 coisas vendem"?

Agradeço desde já.

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Classified ads/small ads, or in informal way it is "ads'' as in: I often prefer the ads on TV to the actual programmes. (source Cambrigde Dict.)

See this image (click on it and it enlarges/closes up)
Notice that, under the heading "The Classifieds" comes the little bit "small ads BIG deals".
Small ads is a shortening of sorts, for "small print ads". ... 011P07.jpg

As for your question about "a cada 1 minuto 4 coisas vendem.'' [Classificados grátis é na OLX]
My stab at it would be: "Every minute a product is sold on OLX."

Some examples taken from the Web:

A Digital camera sells on Ebay every 1 minute?
A health or beauty product sells every 1 minute.
A mobile phone is sold every 1 minute and 12 seconds.
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(a) Classifieds.
(b) Four things sold EMOM.
EMOM = Every minute on the minute.
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Want ads, pequenos anúncios; classificados.

  • 1. The newspapers were full of want-ads, but only one-seventh of ghetto families see a paper, while two-thirds have TV sets.

    2. It was the one in which Fred was unemployed and surveying the want ads.

    3. He spends his nights sleeping in shelters and his days poring over (lendo atentamente) the classifieds and looking at want-ads online at the library. ... 66&bih=653