Como dizer "Colocar falta / presença" (chamada) em inglês

Olá!! Como dizer "colocar presença" ou "colocar falta" numa lista de chamada, como numa aula, em inglês (BrE)?

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To mark/record/check presence/absence in an attendance register/sheet
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Some teachers do/take the roll call and then if the student shows up until 15-20 minutes after the beggining of the class the teacher can mark him/her tardy, after that you could mark him absent.

In Brazil teaching staff would mark present (by way of a letter P-presente) vs. Absent (by checking with the letter F), or by using X vs dots. Etc.

The wording I used above is more American than British way, but you can find more on the topic by searching Wordreference, etc. Anyway, it isn´t supposed to exhaust the subject or be a comprehensible answer, just for participation´s sake. Certainly others EE participants will complement it.