Como dizer "Começar por baixo, pequeno" em inglês

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Português: começar por baixo
Inglês: start small

Começar por baixo.

Hoje, muitos jovens profissionais sofrem de um mal terrível: a pressa. Essa ânsia de crescer rapidamente, de galgar posições em poucos anos, de se dar bem, definitivamente não orienta para um futuro positivo. Mais vale a entrega plena e consciente das circunstâncias do presente. - Luiz Fernando Garcia

  1. The problem is that nobody wants to start small. We crave success, and we want it right now.
  2. Sometimes it’s the getting started itself that’s tough. I try to force myself to just start somewhere when I feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a new brand, starting a new product line, or just jumping into a new hobby. Starting small is often a good strategy. When you start small you are able to try out new things with less risk. Starting small gives you the freedom to play with new ideas. Often my newest ideas start out as that year’s Christmas gift, for example this year is the year the tea towels and napkins which is something that you’re going to see from elSage in the 2012 line.
  3. I agree that it's better to start small and work up.
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Começar agora!
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more examples:
1.Some say the only way to change that is to start small and start young.

2.Instead, says Roberts, start small and build up over time.

3.The administration's ignorance of how entrepreneurs start small businesses.

4.According to Rizzuto, employee thefts typically start small.

5.The market intends to start small with room for less than 40 vendors.

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Do Cambridge:
To be at the lowest level of an organization.
I started my life on the bottom rung of the ladder in this company.

Gustavo Sena 190 4
Bem lembrado zumstein, from the botton neste caso quer dizer de baixo, inferior.