Como dizer "comprar (casa ou apartamento) na planta" em inglês

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Hi everyone!

Could anyone tell me how to say

"comprar (casa ou apartamento) na planta"

Thanks a lot!!

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Olá Priscilla

Off-plan property is a property that has not yet been fully constructed. Some developers offer the chance for buyers / property investors to purchase a property before work has started. This is supposed to benefit the developers as they can secure funds and sales before the start of the construction work, and also the buyer, as they will usually be able to purchase at a lower rate with favorable payment options.

Typically, property developers will offer discounts of between 15-20% to encourage initial investment and help pay for ongoing development costs.

Source: Wikipedia

Hope it helps

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A term often used in N. America is "pre-constructon purchase." I have the feeling "off-plan" may be more a British / Australian term. In Toronto it's also common to hear people speak of "buying from the drawings." In fact most condos in Canada are largely pre-sold, in that banks don't even release the bulk of the building funds to developers until a good percentage of the building is sold, and contracts often allow developers considerable leeway on delivery deadlines. Complaints from buyers about delivery delays are rather common.

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Olá Pessoal,

Mais uma:

On the drawing board

Algo que está "on the drawing board" ainda está sendo planejado ou preparado.


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Hello guys,

Thanks for your help. I've just googled your suggestions and found that buying something "off plan" is the commonest term. Whether it is only a British thing I don't know...anyway, here's an example taken from Google:

"When I bought it off plan in 2002 I had a panoramic view of the sea. Now there are hundreds of apartments covering the hills. "