Como dizer "Conformismo " em inglês

Daniel Reis 1 17
Olá pessoal,

Vejam o exemplo abaixo:

Sabemos que há corrupção mas não fazemos nada contra isso, o conformismo reina aqui no Brasil.

Ou então esssa máteria: Historiador diz que Brasil é mais conformista do que outros países latino-americanos.

Qual a melhor forma de dizer ''conformismo'' nessas frases?


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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Could be:
Conformism/resignation/passivity/tolerance, etc.

It´s a bit of a stereotype, Janio Quadros also complained people were "passive" because they didn´t take the streets to get him back to presidency. ... -did-this/

The same thing goes, to the statement that Brazilian people is happy and warm, a very friendly and gently people. Today, we know that there are "no go" zones in many cities all over the country, you go at your own risk!
What to say then about Brazilian good manners when they get to the roads? Authorities are happy that we don´t have staticians, or people are so numbed that they don´t care to count the victims or place the dangerous sites anymore!
So, maybe it´s not about conformism but lack of political participation, and other kinds of participation as well. Wich is not an exclusive Brazilian luxury at all, these days.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Another one: quiescent. ... ining-ever

About the Asian-American (read - Japanese group in America):

Indeed, they have long been described as the “model minority”: prosperous, well-educated and quiescent. But there are problems, as a result of which they are becoming somewhat less quiescent than they once were.

See that a comment states that is American to demand your rights, in other words (and with the advantage of the article inference) to be quiescent is don´t rocking the boat, double-speak for being quiet and don´t demanding one´s rights.
Not judgemental, just one interpretation of the text.