Como dizer "consórcio" em inglês

Como se diz consórcio de imóvel, automóvel, serviços em inglês?


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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Indo ao Google, encontrei uma "descrição" do que seria um consórcio. Não me recordo de um termo específico.

Consórcio - a purchasing pool through which a group of people pay monthly installments on a certain item (e.g. a car) so that every month the group can afford to buy one of the items, which is then awarded by draw to one of the group members. There is a fee charged by the pool administrator but no interest. -
jlmmelo 12 95

CONSORTIUM - \kən-ˈsȯr-sh(ē-)əm, -ˈsȯr-tē-əm\
1: an agreement, combination, or group (as of companies) formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member. Merriam-Webster

Consortium is a meeting of individuals and or a legal group, organized by the Administrator, with the aim of providing its members to purchase well, all of the goods or tour service through a self funding.

Example: Five people wanted to buy a vehicle each, which cost $ 10,000. But they do not count with the value at the time, so they decided to get together and buy together contributing $ 2,000 each. The sum of the parts totaled the value of a vehicle, so the group decided to do a monthly draw to contemplate one of the participants. At the end of the fifth month all members were included and all vehicles were completely paid.

To be included, or by drawing lots after the end of the payments, the consorted acquires a letter of credit for the value of the vehicle pre-agreed. With it (letter of credit) the consorted may purchase the vehicle whenever and wherever he wants.
Ref. en.wiki2buy
Thomas 7 60 290
The problem is that "consortium" usually refers to a group of businesses, universities, etc. I have never heard of this concept to buy a house, car, etc. in the USA. If the word is used in a translation, the Brazilian concept needs to be explained to the reader. You can't say "festa junina" or "capoeira" and think foreigners will understand. You can't use "consortium" and think that, just because the word appears in a dictionary, the Brazilian concept will be understood.
Eu conheço como LEASING -----> Um a pessoa que conheço q mora lá, comprou um carro da marca X e ao invés de pagar à vista, ela paga Y por mês para a concessionária! E esse ato, lá nos USA, eles chamam de Leasing.

lease verb
leases; leased; leasing
[+ obj] 1 : to use (something) for a period of time in return for payment
▪ She leases a red convertible. ▪ I have leased this house for the last four years.
2 : to allow someone to use (something) for a period of time in return for payment
▪ We leased the house to a young married couple.

Espero ter ajudado
Estava procurando a mesma palavra para definir um consórcio de imóveis, quando uma pessoas paga algo em parcelas, mas não "leva" o produto até não pagar tudo. Em inglês existe isto e chama-se layaway plan.
Mas, eles não fazem sorteio, então continua sendo algo diferente.
Buyer's club as in "he joined a buyer's club in order to buy a car".

Ref. dictionary.cambridge
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
That's a tricky thing to translate, usually a buyer's club is a group formed to buy things in bulk, so they get a discount. There are car buyer's club, buyer's club for songs bought online, etc.
In Canada there is the co-op house buying, they form a group and buy - for instance, a condo. But then, there are some regulations (you can't sell your unit, or you can't be easily be "forced to go away', banks don't usually borrow money if they know it is what you ask a loan for.

A 'consórcio' as we know in Brazil, would be described as a "pre-purchase financing pool" so it would serve to cars, houses, a motorbike, pretty much everything.
But then, in Brazil, customarily you don't find that in English-speaking countries.
By thw way, the expression (in bold) was found in the site Tecla SAP.

Let's wait for further comments, though.