Como dizer "Contrabando, contrabandear" em inglês

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Hi there!

Contrabando: Smuggling, Smuggling activities
Contrabandear: To smuggle

- He was once accused of trying to smuggle an assault rifle from Germany to Paris. (
- So few people outside the party elite dare to smuggle radios or DVDs from China. (
- In addition, he received 32 years for smuggling explosives and weapons to Libya. (
- The easy solution to cigarette smuggling, and its attendant activities, is to eliminate the confiscatory taxes. (

Percebi que o termo "contraband" também existe, mas parece obsoleto. Me corrijam se estiver errado!

Cheers! :)

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Yes, it's obsolete as a verb; but it is still used (a little more formally) as an adjective.