Como dizer "convívio" em inglês

I'd use "social rapport". check this out on Google.

Example: ... apport.htm

"Social rapport is the art of building a sense of trust and respect with another person. Although some people are intuitively good at building social rapport, it is a skill that can be developed. When you have rapport with someone, you feel a connection and understanding; a feeling of being on the same page. Having common interests with another person makes it easier to develop rapport, however very different people can also form a bond."
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Respondendo à pergunta da Flávia, sugiro "contact" para o contexto a seguir.

  • The daily contact with native speakers is undoubtedly a very good way to improve one’s language skills.

Mais exemplos:

  • He is always in contact with native speakers. [Ele sempre tem um convívio com falantes nativos.]
  • She was in contact with native speakers for a long time. [Ela teve um convívio com falantes nativos durante muito tempo.]

Bons estudos.
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