Como dizer "Criado na bandidagem" em inglês

Crianças criadas na bandidagem não podem se tornar adultos decentes.

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Children/kids raised in hard spots can´t make themselves decent (?) adults.

...I would say can´t, later in life, have a dignified work and life. Not if they aren´t offered some opportunity, like having a good education/school.


Chances are that children that live in a sketchy neighbourhood are denied plenty of opportunities later in life.

Kids raised in neighbourhoods somewhat plagued with poverty, abuse and crime/tough (and unsafe) neighbourhoods might not turn into decent adults (or might, depending of their choices or sheer luck, sometimes...)

Unfortunately, kids that live in poor and crime-ridden communities are under strong and hidden social forces that are likely to make them troubled, self-destructive and violent individuals in the future.