Como dizer "Da minha vida cuido eu" em inglês

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Como se diz Da minha vida cuido eu em inglês?

Por favor, traduzir o exemplo a seguir.

A: Você precisa ouvir seus pais. Isto que você está fazendo é errado.
B: Da minha vida cuido eu.
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Leonardo96 6540 11 149
I mind my own business, you mind yours.
Donay Mendonça 62620 22 99 1518
Let me be the judge of that. [Da minha vida cuido eu.]

A: Você precisa ouvir seus pais. Isto que você está fazendo é errado. [You need to listen to your parents. You're making a mistake.]
B: Da minha vida cuido eu. [Let me be the judge of that.]

That's it for now!
PPAULO 58960 6 45 1053
Well, it´s a touchy subject to tackle, since the suggestion could be seen as intrusive or it could be that a friend (for instance) was trying to help us.

On the intrusive side perhaps the more usual answers (but what isn´t tactful to some would be okay for others):
My life, my problems, my choices. (way more civil than "mind your own business" OR "it´s none of/it´s not your business").

I am entitled to do my choices, and this is the right one to me right now/I appreciate your suggestion and feedback but the last word is mine.
I see you care, and I appreciate your suggestion(s) though this time I think it´s off the mark. I´ll go with my decision this time (thanks).

Of course, you can use "no, I don´t think so." - to the statement the person has just made, it´s a matter of style - it wouldn´t be uncivil or otherwise per se.
Other factors, like tone of voice, body language, etc would 'reinforce' antagonism or a friendly way.