Como dizer "dar baixa" em inglês

Thank you so much for the thorough review, Thomas! Awesome!
Interesting that the military use "to pull the pin" whereas in a romantic couple situation, "to pull the plug" is used... haha
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Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!
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Don´t sweat the small thing, Marcelo. We all strive for learning (and somewhat for perfection at some degree) and sharing knowledge with others.
We can see that you did your homework and your best and is eager to help, so that is what counts. ;)
Be aware that we appreciate your participating and your answers will welcome.
As for Thomas, he is an asset, a maestro, we learn a lot from his insightful and usually accurate, being a native (what is good to us, since he offer an American view of things) he is direct and concise, many times someone can take it for bluntness, it is not.
Having lived in Brazil (and in other countries where Spanish is spoken), Thomas knows a lot of our culture and a great deal of our language, so his answers are dependable and we only have to gain from his experience (not to mention that he has years in Brazilian English Forums, before this one).
That doesn´t mean that you shouldn´t deal with the answers of any Expert with a pinch of salt, everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we can be slightly misled by some cultural aspect, for example. When you think something is amiss, please let us know, ask, do something about it.
As for the answer given by Thomas, I am convinced that it was an insightful and really good one. I (or others) would mention if I (someone else) found something worth noticing or polishing (Portuguese-and-translation-wise).
So, chill out buddy, don´t sweat the small stuff. And congrats on your colaborating attitude and positive inspiration towards English learning, we can see that you take the learning English seriously, that´s good (I mean, in a good sense). Count on us. ;)
Se o "dar baixa" é no sentido de ser paga no sistema. Ex. A fatura foi baixada ontem. Você pode dizer: the invoice was marked as paid yesterday.

O termo writte off tem o sentido de baixada por perda.
Pessoal, eu percebi que houve umas duas respostas sobre a verdadeira pergunta que era dar baixa em faturas...
Preciso de ajudo nisso também, em toda internet (pelo menos por dias estou procurando) não achei esse termo, estou fazendo a tradução de um software para o inglês e preciso saber essa expressão, como usam? Nos E.U.A é realmente falado "dar baixa na fatura"? Tenho palavras sozinhas para traduzir com o sentido de dar baixa nos titulos.

Ex. Dar baixa, Baixa, Baixa parcial, etc...

Please, I need this help, I really need it.
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I think "enter the information of the item into the system", or enter the information of the status (of an item/order, etc) would do.

Then the status could be, expired, delivered, etc. When the information is entered by a worker/clerk the status will be changed (as part of the process, by clicking on a button for example). The information entered could also mean an updating as well, since changing the status from, say "undelivered" or "in transit" to "delivered" it will mean a kind of update.