Como dizer "dar continuidade a conversa" em inglês

"Ele não tem interesse em dar continuidade a conversa."
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Leonardo96 7000 11 156
He's not interested in keeping the conversation going.
PPAULO 59610 6 45 1066
In another context could be: he is not making an effort to keep the conversation going (in person or via social media). Or "he seems like he is not making an effort..."

At this point, the other party might be thinking "why does it seem like I have to always hold the conversation?"
PPAULO 59610 6 45 1066
Of course, there are other situations, let's imagine "his" brother lives in the same house as a guest (he came to find a job, but has nothing to show for it - his search and willpower is sloppy), "his" wife gets annoyed by the guy coming late from the parties, sometimes drunk.

Now let's say his brother comes back from the parties for the umpteenth time and is giving lame excuses. So we could say that "he (the host guy) see that there's nothing much to tell, so he says "let's cup the crap".