Como dizer "Dar pança" (passar na frente) em inglês

edrob518 6 71
I was wondering the other day if it exists an equivalent word to the brazilian expression ''dar pança'' which means to trick sb in a game by stealing their turn.

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Marcelo Reis 1 2 96
I am not even familiar with the term in portuguese, let alone in english. But the general term for that would be "cheating", hehehe. Now, seriously, I would just say that "someone skipped someone's turn on purpose".

Let's wait for the pros for a more accurate answer.
Donay Mendonça 23 108 1.6k

Get ahead: dar pança, pançar, passar na frente

Exemplo de uso:

They get ahead of you in line [eles te dão pança na fila], and you think that's not fair. A: Yes. MP: Are you really bothered by it? A: No, I guess not. [Google Books - William J. Kreidler - 1984 - ‎Education]

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