Como dizer "Deixar alguma coisa por último" em inglês

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Português: deixar por último
Inglês: leave (something) until last

Exemplos de uso:
  • The most important thing of all, I have left until last.
  • A coisa mais importante de todas, eu deixei por último.
  • Jake: Today we have to buy medicine, wash the car and go to the bank. Betty: Wash the car? Let's leave it until last. I hate washing cars.
  • Jake: Hoje nós temos que comprar remédio, lavar o carro e ir ao banco. Betty: Lavar o carro? Vamos deixar isso por último. Eu odeio lavar carros.
Do Thefreedictionary:
To leave sth till/until last → dejar algo para lo último or el final.
Mais exemplos:
  1. I left the last bit until last.
  2. It is up to you to turn up when you have time. Don't leave it until last or you will miss out.
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josneywat 315 6
I tend to cut things fine.

cut it/things fine

to allow very little time for something:

She arrived ten minutes before her flight, so she was cutting it a bit fine.

PPAULO 51435 6 42 930
Donay, I thought it was a short for "to the last minute"

I reread your initial post, and tought it has a slight tendency to "deixar para o último/deixar para o final." But not in the sense of "saving the better for the better for the end" like a magician would say to a behaved audience that didn´t flee to the cotton candy stand and waited to the end.
Or someone that surprises you when you didn´t expect a gift anymore...

Rakell Grubert Pere 3405 3 6 66
Seguindo a mesma linha:
to/till the last
Until the last possible moment, especially until death.
He died protesting his inocente to the last.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary