Como dizer "Desmoronamento de terra" em inglês

I've made a research on this topic, and I would like to share with you the suggestions that I've found and also to request a correction if It be necessary

The first and more commom is landsile
The storm caused landslides and flooding.
We can also find it here lista-de-desastres-naturais-em-ingles-c ... 11280.html

But what do you guys think of using "Land falling" or "Earth falling", "Fall of earth", are those also possible?

Thanks you for your help!


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Not advisable, in fact it doesn´t sound natural to me. At least, it´s not often used.

Earth falling sounds to me like our planet freeing itself from the laws of nature, gravity etc, and falling within some other bigger planet!

Land fall - I learned that refers to the first sight of land, when a ship is coming to a continent, etc. Maybe used in this sense in older times.

And there is this scientific talk, these guys refer to Land-falling to the coming (and the way it comes) of cyclones to places where there´s land. ... view.shtml

The rapid acceleration impacts the magnitude of the storm surge. Wind stress and pressure gradient are the key components in surge production, with wind stress accounting for approximately twice the surge produced solely by pressure gradient (Anthes 1982). The angle at which the systems made landfall in Southern New England was generally 60 to 90 degrees, or close to perpendicular to the coastline, aiding in surge production on north-south oriented bays and inlets.

The most natural way to say this, is "landslide' and "landslip". Both are synonymous, but many people make distinction between then, saying that a ''landslide" is more dramatic, huge, unexpected "uma avalanche" whereas "landslip" is "um deslizamento". Altough the CALD (Cambridge Advanced Learner´s Dictionary) doesn´t make any distinction between them, I´ll leave the information available, anyway.
Regarding to "Land falling" that you didn't refer to, you can find it here being used as "Landslide", so my doubt remains, even though It does not sound natural indeed ... nd+falling

And concerning to the others, "Earth falling", "Fall of earth", It's not possible indeed
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I read the Linguee hits, none with the meaning given above (landslide or landslip).
For example:

as well as a sizable reduction in erosion phenomena for land falling under (i) are ensured and that soil contamination for land falling under (ii) is reduced.

bem como uma redução apreciável da erosão do terreno incluído na categoria i), sejam assegurados e, para os terrenos incluídos na categoria ii), que a contaminação seja reduzida

Others had comma in-between, and other had sentences wedged between "land" and "falling", in short, changing the meaning.

In general when they talk about landslides, etc, they use words like "soil", "dirty'', "mud", "snow" etc, I don´t have seen "Earth'' in this sense. And "Earth" with capital E is to talk about our planet, unless it comes in the beggining of a paragraph. I think.
I'm sorry, you're totally right, I read it very superficially!

Thank you!
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Don´t worry about it. You´re welcome, and I know that feeling, I read in haste and make incorrect interpretations all the time. Believe me, it happens in the best regulated families. LOL :lol: