Como dizer "Desvio de mercadoria" em inglês

Hello guys,

I've searched in lots of dictionaries, but I couldn't find a work/expression to mean "desvio de mercadoria" (seja para venda em outro local ou consumo). I know the verb to embezzle is used to talk about money. Can I use it in this case too? Tks so much!

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As far as I know that's called THEFT - but if you want something more specific you can use the verb MISAPPROPRIATE. The noun is MISAPPROPRIATION.
In many cases you can just use the verb STEAL - (or even STOLEN GOODS).

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In Brazil sometimes "desvio de mercadoria" is in the context of "cargo theft" or "cargo robbery".
Technically misappropriation (as per law description) could be the illegal diversion of products with employee(s) participation.

Ref. detectives-prives
Tks for your help, guys. I was looking for something like "the illegal diversion of products". This example was perfect for what I needed. Tks so much!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
"The illegal diversion of products." is a bit on the legalese and formal side, As Helder has pointed out, it would be also stated as "theft/steal" (stolen goods", etc

We are glad we could help and thanks for the feedback.