Como dizer "Dica, bizu, sugestão, conselho" em inglês

hint (INDIRECT STATEMENT) - noun - something that you say or do that shows in an indirect way what you think or want:
"He's dropped (= given) several hints to the boss that he'll quit if he doesn't get a promotion."
"Did she give you any hints about where she was going?"
"You can't take (= understand) a hint, can you? Just go away and leave me alone!"
hint - verb
"Mum's hinted (that) she might pay for my trip to Mexico if I pass all my exams."
"He's hinted at the possibility of moving to America."

hint (ADVICE) - noun
a piece of advice which helps you to do something:
"Could you give us a hint about how to do this exercise, please?"
"This recipe book is full of handy (= useful) hints."

drop (sb) a hint (INFORMAL)
to tell someone something in an indirect way:
"Margaret dropped a hint that she'd like to come to the party."

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

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