Como dizer "Ela está no papo, ela está na minha" em inglês

My 2 cents:

Other suggestions para "Ela está na minha/ Ela está no papo"

"She is hung up on me"

"She is hooked on me"

or in case we want to refer to something which is under control we could use the expression "in the palm of one's hand". Example: The audience was fascinated - he held them in the palm of his hand. Notice there is yet another expression "in the bag", which refers to something already accomplished, cinched (and a bit slightly different in meaning from "uma garota na minha"). Example: A: - Of course Dilma would win the election B: - I agree with you! This election was in the bag from the very beginning.

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Dude Spell
I don't want this to turn into a private portuguese class but . . .
bater um papo = conversar
papo furado = bullshit
So I thought papo was talking
But in "Kidtalk" vamos papar = vamos comer
Não está papadno ainda, so mamando;

Isto so mostra que, com até 25 anos de imersão total, a gente chega as conclusões erradas
Obrigado mais uma vez
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timphillips escreveu:But in "Kidtalk" vamos papar = vamos comer
Não está papando ainda, só mamando;

Então, só pra eu vingar um pouquinho mais todos nós estudantes de inglês, tanto "bater um papo" quanto "papo furado" ou "tá no papo" tem a ver figurativamente com papo (de ave), mas "papar" ou "não está papando ainda" tem a ver com "papa" (comida cremosa).

You're welcome.
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Now I'm really confused,

(as you know I couldn't care less if the word in Portuguese ends in a letter 'a' or 'o' because we don't have gender for most of our nouns)
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I take her for granted --- Eu não a dou valor / não a valorizo

My girlfriend thinks I take her for granted ----- Minha namorada acha que eu não a dou valor

I took her for granted, and now she is gone. -----Eu não a dei valor e agora ela se foi

I took my girlfriend for granted. ---- Eu não dei valor a minha namorada
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Thomas escreveu:Practical English Usage - Michael Swan - Oxford

269 in and into, on and onto: prepositions

We generally use in and on to talk about the positions of things - where they are; and into and onto to talk about directions and destinations - where things are going... Note that into and onto are normally written as single words. On to is also possible in British English.

This seems to confirm that "on to you" is the correct form.

I don't think so. He's not saying the girl is above the guy, in a place, but kind of going in his direction, following what he wants, so it's about a direction/destination: "onto".

Though I don't know if "on to " is completely wrong here, I'm sure "onto" is right.
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Eu diria: She is in the bag, she is under my hold.

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She is bagged = ela está no papo.