Como dizer "enlatado" em inglês

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O verbo enlatar é to can que também significa preservar, conservar em latas. O substantivo lata é can.

Muito cuidado, pois como podemos notar é bem parecido com o verbo modal can.

Vamos dar uma olhada em alguns exemplos:

Ex: I love canned fish, don't you?

Ex: I hate canned black beans. I do miss the Brazilian cousin.

Ex: we don't have much of canned meat as you guys do in the States.

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Surprisingly, "to can", when the term is used to mean preserving foods at home, does not involve the use of cans. The food (usually jams, jellies, marmalades, etc.) is normally preserved in glass jars. The jars and special lids can be used indefinitely and are often handed down from mothers to daughters. "Canning" is popular in areas where families have vegetable gardens, there are large amounts of fruits and vegetables (perhaps growing wild), etc. In Southern Oregon, for example, people can blackberries. They seem to grow wild everywhere.
Thomas 7 60 290

This website shows the jars, lids, and process mentioned above. Happy canning!