Como dizer "Enrugar a testa / Franzir a testa" em inglês

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Enrugar a testa, franzir a testa (formas rugas em, contrair). Confira como se fala isso em inglês.

Wrinkle your forehead

He wrinkled his forehead. [Ele enrugou a testa. Ele franziu a testa.]
She wrinkled her forehead. [Ela enrugou a testa. Ela franziu a testa.]

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Frown (froun)
V. Frowned, frown·ing, frowns
1. To wrinkle the brow, as in thought or displeasure.

Synonyms: frown, glower, lower1, scowl
These verbs mean to contract the brows in displeasure: frowns when he is annoyed; glowered when she was interrupted; lowered at the noisy child; scowled at my suggestion.
2. To regard something with disapproval or distaste: frowned on the use of so much salt in the food.
To express (disapproval, for example) by wrinkling the brow.
A wrinkling of the brow in thought or displeasure; a scowl.

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- Browbeat: Enrugar a testa, franzir o sombrolho; impor, intimidar, amedrontar.

- Knit one´s brow: franzir o sombrolho

  • 1. The agents would later insist they had not tried to frighten or browbeat her.

    2. In his impatience to get things done, he browbeat and literally manhandled associates. (manhandle: maltratar)

    3. The New York Times’ ‘powerful’ front page listing Covid-19 victims is weepy piece of emotional browbeating. (weepy=sentimental, à beira das lágrimas)

    4. Arshad's 13-year-old daughter, Nadia, stood nearby and stared, brows knit, eyes wide.

    5. Carter reads the hot-line messages from Leonid Brezhnev with knitted brows.

    6. Some shuffled in their chairs, one knitted his brows and clenched his teeth. (shuffled=remexer / clenched=cerravam)
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