Como dizer "entortar [zagueiro, etc]" em inglês

Gostaria de saber como se fala o atacante entortou o zagueiro,driblou o zagueiro.
como neste lance do Neyma

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como descrever esse lance em inglês??
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(to) spin like a top – levar um drible

Neymar made the defender spin like a top.
(Neymar entortou o zagueiro)
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Break someone's ankles

When you make a sports or athletic move to avoid, escape, or get around a defender and the move causes the defender to lose balance, miss the offender, stumble, or stare stupidly as the offensive player progresses. - Urbandictionary

Person 1: Did you see that cross over Allen Iverson put on Jordan?
person 2: Yep, he broke his ankles.


We have seen the ‘crossover’ being used to break the ankles of an opposing defender on several occasions within the game of basketball. Every sport seems to have a move somewhat similar to this. In hockey, some players will use the ‘toe-drag.’ In football, they have the ‘juke.’

As for the beautiful game of soccer, it has an ankle-breaking move of its own; the step-over.

Udinese’s Alexis Sanchez demonstrated the ankle-breaking capabilities of the step-over during a game against Cagliari this weekend. Racing down the field on the counter-attack, Sanchez quickly faked to the left and moved to the right, leaving the defender tumbling clumsily to the ground before eluding the keeper and finishing off the highlight reel goal.