Como dizer "estourar um ovo" em inglês

Olá, como eu posso falar essa frase:
Por favor, estoure um ovo.

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Daniel.S 1 2 7
Hi there!

seria uma expressão?

blow out an egg ???

Take care,

could you crack an egg for me please?
Do me a favor, crack an egg in that bowl please


interesting stuff to read about it

How To Crack Open An Egg

Sometimes, when I need to crack open an egg, I will try to do it the way they always do on TV, with one hand. I usually make such a mess after the first one or two that I go back to the tried-and-true, two-handed method of cracking eggs.

You should always first crack open the egg into a second bowl before you add it to the mixing bowl

In addition, if a stray piece of eggshell falls into the bowl, it's easier to fish out of the small bowl than the one containing the rest of your ingredients

A better approach is to tap the egg (gently!) on the counter until there's a small dent (not a large crack!) You can then put your two thumbs in opposite sides of the dent, and be able to gently pull apart the shells.

Drop the egg into the small dish (custard cup) you have set aside for the purpose ... pen-An-Egg

How to crack an egg with one hand--a cooking skill that makes little difference in the finished product, but impresses observers.

1.Hold the egg in the palm of your hand (palm facing down), gripping firmly, but not squeezing, with the first and second fingers on one side and the thumb on the other side. This is the basic curveball grip, baseball fans.
2.Tap the egg sharply against something hard*. Keep your wrist straight; wrist-flexing will absorb the energy of your tapping, and tend to prevent the egg from cracking. On your next--more vigorous--attempt, the egg will explode all over your hand and drive shards of egg shell into your flesh.
3.Here's the tricky part: Without relaxing your grip, hold the egg over your intended receptacle and, while squeezing gently with your thumb, slide your first and second fingers in opposite directions along the surface of the egg, toward its ends, keeping the pressure of your fingers even. This seperates the two halves of the egg shell cleanly** and releases the egg content--usually in one piece. If it is important to you that the yolk should be unbroken, use a cold egg; otherwise, room temperature is best ... h+one+hand
Daniel.S 1 2 7
Hi there!

Se o sentido for quebrar um ovo (pelo menos na minha região é assim que falamos) para então frita-lo (por exemplo) crack an egg .

Agora, se o sentido for realmente ESTOURAR blow out sounds good.

Take care,