Como dizer "Eu não me importo" em inglês

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Hello there! Considering the podcast from "Eu não me importo",

There are many ways to say "Eu não me importo" in English

First you can say I don't care or even I don't mind
But when it comes to things like "estou pouco me lixando" (sorry for the bad words)
You may want to say

I don't give a damn
I don't give a sh*t
I don't give a f*ck
I don't give a crap

Just warning you guys that these last 4 expressions are very rude and impolite. So you gotta be aware about when using them, ok?

Take care,

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Teacher Pondé,

Obrigado pelo alerta, vamos sim ter cautela ao utilizar essas expressões.

Continue colaborando!

A nicer way to to say it would be:
"It doesn't matter to me" (US)
In England you may here:
"I'm not bothered (about it)".
Marcelo Pias 1 2 14
Another one:
I don't give a rat's ass! (A rude one lol)
I think "I don't mind" refers to a polite context. Like this:

Hey, I don't mind if you sit near me. Be my guest! (Eu não me importo de você sentar perto de mim, fique à vontade).

Now "I don't care" refers to something impolite or agressive:

"I don't care about the wrong thing you did! Solve it by yourself!" (Eu não tô nem aí pela coisa errada que você fez, vire-se!)
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
It´s of little importance to me.
It doesn´t much bother me.
I am indifferent to that/this...
I don´t bother even to know (about it/that/this)...
I am not anywhere near as interested in what they are talking (about) [now it may hurt!]
I am not excited about that.
It doesn´t tickle my fancy (at all)...
I am not interested (in the subject of...etc), no thanks!
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Hey guys,

Here it follows my two cents to the topic: Couldn't care less

- Person A: A company just got sued for patent infringement!
- Person B: *yawn* Oh really? I couldn't care less.

Ref. Urban Dictionary

See ya!