Como dizer "Eu quero pessoas como você" em inglês

"Eu quero pessoas como você na minha vida."

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I want people like you in my life
Acho que essa frase funciona: "You're the kind of people I want around me."
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And also:

You are my kind of folks/friends.
You are the right kind of people I want around me.
You are the right kind of girl/boy/friend etc I want around me/in my life.
You are the kind of people I was looking for to live with me/to work with me etc...
I am looking for persons like you to enjoy the life along with me.
Persons like you wanted. (in my life)
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Persons sounds a bit more formal to me.
"People like you..." is a more informal and way more used, depending on context, of course.
People is plural for "person" . Therefore, I think that persons is the same as people.
Person: a human being; a man, woman, or child. However, as I could notice, you are highly trusted,(reputation) then, your opinion is hugely valuable. So, agreed. Thanks.
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You are welcome.
And don´t be misled by reputation, though. I make mistakes all the time, just like everyone else. So, I am glad to make some corrective feedback and equally happy to be corrected. By the way, I am just a learner like many others. ;)
Let´s learn togheter.
I am giving my vote to Kleber because he translated that right on the dot. (Too bad I cannot vote for him because his phrase was too short!)
Renato’s phrase also added to the post but changed the context a little without getting too far way from it. Paulo dropped in and spice out the conversation when Paulo brought to Sid’s attention to the fact that we should use “people” instead of “person” for certain phrases. It’s all good!

If you are going to use “person” you must bring something to the singular as,
You are that kind of person that can change things in the World!
I am looking for (a) person like you to help me out!
Agora se você não usar o artigo Indefinido, então fica assim,
I am looking for people like you to do this work!
Several people got to the conclusion that united they are better!
The people protested in front of the Congress and I said:
- It is about time!
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Thanks for the insights and tips, Word Moder.
Very thoughtful of you, indeed.