Como dizer "eu vejo muitas pessoas falando or fazendo algo..." em inglês

O sentido seria algo como "eu percebo muitas pessoas ou percebo q muitas pessoas..."
Ex: Eu vejo muitas pessoas brigando por motivos supérfluos.

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Hello, você poderia dizer:
I see a lot of people fighting over silly reasons.
I see people fighting over superfluous reasons.
I notice people fighting over pointless reasons.
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I see many people fighting for superfluous reasons
>> Vejo muitas pessoas brigando por motivos supérfluos.

Many people argue for futile reasons.
>> Muitas pessoas discutem por motivos fúteis.

I realize lots of people arguing for nothing.
>> Eu percebo muitas pessoas discutindo à toa.

I realize a lot of people doing wrong things.
>> Eu percebo muitas pessoas fazendo coisas erradas.

I realize (that) many people would like to have access to the crime data of this city.
>> Eu percebo que muitas pessoas gostariam de ter acesso aos dados criminalísticos desta cidade.
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And also:
I have noticed many people fighting/bickering/arguing over superfluous ideas/subjects etc.
Lately, I have notice that people pick (unnecessary) fights about petty things/petty reasons.
Thanks guys. I always say " I see..." but I thought It was wrong haha
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"I see..." is okay, but we shouldn't make the usage of the word a habit (in an obssessive manner). There are more than one way to express things in English. ;-)

I see a lot of wives who ask their husbands to run small errands while coming home from work and the husband forgets. The wife, in return, gets very angry. Why does this happen?
On How to Stop Arguing Over the Smallest Things.
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