Como dizer "Faixa de trânsito" em inglês

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A Marginal Pinheiros tem seis faixas = Marginal Pinheiros Av has six lanes = Marginal Pinheiros is a six-lane way.

A(s) via(s) expressa(s) são chamadas de fast lane.

As faixas preferenciais para ônibus, por exemplo, são bus-lane.

Mudar de faixa = change traffic lanes


How to change lanes safely

If you have good reason to change lanes, use your mirrors and check in plenty of time to ensure that the way is clear.
To check your blind spot when travelling at speed, take a quick sideways glance to check the position of a vehicle that may have disappeared from your view in the mirror.

Signal your intention and change lane when it is clear and safe to do so.

When in a lane or approaching a junction, obey any road signs or markings (usually arrows) indicating the direction that traffic in those lanes must take.

Source = Rules of the Road

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Flavia.Im escreveu:Signal your intention and change lane when it is clear and safe to do so.
During all the years I have driven in the greater Recife area, I haven't seen that many motorists signal their intention when changing lanes. Countless times I have seen motorists change lanes rather abruptly and without warning. Then along the streets barreled some funny guys a-cutting other motorists off right and left. Of all the attitudinal individuals you had to put up with, you could call these ill-educated drivers.

Yes, blame me. We've discussed this in another thread. But now and then, the mere remembrance of lane changers unlawfully making U-turns, turning right and left without signaling makes me feel bad about driving around here. I don't know about SP. Car drivers there might well go through the same ordeal. I only so much as heard SP city logs about 400 road rage-related incidents from gesticulating drivers to banally induced fatal-victim accidents on a daily basis. Have our motorists ever cared to read the national transit code? No, don't reply. Don't comment if you don't really want to.

See you later.