Como dizer "Faltar água; Acabou a água" em inglês

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Aprenda a dizer faltar água, acabar a água, ficar sem água, estar sem água, acabar o fornecimento de água em inglês. Leia este artigo e fique por dentro do assunto.

Em Inglês: have no water, there is no water suppply, be without water

Exemplos traduzidos:
  • People living in Toledo were suddenly without water. [As pessoas que moram em Toledo ficaram sem água, de repente. A água acabou de repente em Toledo.]
  • We have no water because the pipes have frozen. [Falta água para nós porque os canos congelaram. Estamos sem água porque os canos congelaram. A água acabou porque os canos congelaram.]
  • Here we are without water or electricity but everyone is quite calm. [Aqui falta água e eletricidade, mas todo mundo está bem calmo. Aqui estamos sem água e energia, mas está todo mundo calmo.]
  • When it does not rain, we are without water. [Quando não chove, falta água. Quando não chove, ficamos sem água.]
Não é correto utilizar the water is over, the water is out, the water ended nem the water finished. A opção the water is off é possível, mas não é a ideal, pois é ambígua.

Outros exemplos:
  1. What if the roads are broken and there is no water supply five times a week?
  2. Flood leaves Finchley families homeless. Ms Begum added: “This leak has been an ongoing problem for years. There have been short term fixes but this was definitely the final blow. “It should have been fixed properly and all this could have been avoided. People are just really shocked. Their floors are all ruined, there’s no electricity in the building and there’s no water supply.” Residents have been told they should be able to move back into their flats on Monday. But some, who will have to get new flooring, say it could be weeks before their homes are habitable."
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Outra opção é "run out".
run out :If a supply of something runs out, all of it has been used or it is completely finished.
Cambridge Dictionary

West Texas Oilfield Town Runs Out of Water
About 30 communities statewide could run out of water by the end of the year, according to a list compiled by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. ... out-water/