Como dizer "favor atualizar" em inglês

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How can I say "favor atualizar" in English when I want to ask if you have information regarding an email? I usually use "Any news", "Do you have any news regarding below message?"
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Please periodically update your email address.

We have detected that your email can´t be reached. Please update your email address.
(say, if you don´t reach by email you could send an SMS message with said text.)
Avatar do usuário victorfgv 55 1
What do you think "Any news" and similar?
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42055 6 33 740
The other context would be asking for clarifying/asking a question etc about the subject of a previous email. Like this one:

“Hi Randi, I hope everything is well on your side. I wanted to follow up with you about the steering committee. I really need a chairperson for the subcommittee that will handle the strategic planning sessions. I think you are the ideal person to fill this role. Could we meet this week to discuss it further? (From another site)

Then the recipient of the above one could ask for more information about the subject/about it, ask for information relating to the matter in question. Etc. Further clarifying/comments about it, and so on.

It goes with the context, of course. So, there are other ways to answer your question and express what you want.
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Então, eu só queria pedir para a pessoa me atualizar com uma resposta. Tipo eu mandar um "reminder".

Favor atualizar (com uma resposta).
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42055 6 33 740
Keep me updated on (subject of the email sent by the person on the given date).

Keep me updated on any (new) information regarding the (content of the email - his or her email subject).

Keep me updated on any new information regarding the selection process. [the selection process is the subject, the content of the email.]

If you directly state "regarding the content of the email/your email" the person might understand that you might have not even read it!
Avatar do usuário victorfgv 55 1
Eu não imaginei que pudesse usar "updated"

Please update me or Please us update, algo do tipo, não caberia né?

Vi Polite reminder
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42055 6 33 740
With "update me" you would be the object of the updating. It´s not the case; in fact you are thinking in terms of the Portuguese grammar and reasoning, it doesn´t work this way. To that situation we use "update me on" (something else).
Avatar do usuário victorfgv 55 1
Então, eu posso usar "Please, update me on" or "Please us uptade on" para pedir que uma pessoa responda um e-mail que não foi respondido ainda?
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Você pode usar uma expressão : " Keep me posted ". Isso significa que tem desejo que a pessoa lhe mantenha atualizada sobre os fatos.