Como dizer "fazendo uma promoção" em inglês

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Aprenda a dizer fazendo uma promoção em inglês. Amplie o seu vocabulário.
  • Having a sale (inglês americano)
  • Having a special offer (inglês britânico)
  • Running a promotion (inglês americano e britânico)
Exemplos de uso:
  • They're having a special offer this week. (Estão fazendo uma promoção esta semana.)
  • Are they having a sale? (Estão fazendo uma promoção?)
  • I think they're having a special offer next week. (Acho que eles vão fazer uma promoção na semana que vem.)
  • They're having a sale at Macy's. (Eles estão fazendo uma promoção no Macy's.)
  • Pepsi is running a promotion right now on their Facebook page. (A Pepsi está fazendo uma promoção agora na sua página do Facebook.)
  • They are running a promotion. (Eles estão fazendo uma promoção.)

Não é correto o uso de do ou de make, nesse caso. Essas são traduções ao pé da letra que não funcionam em inglês.
Definição de "promotion": an activity intended to help sell a product, or the product that is being promoted. [Longman]

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"We are promoting our new product."
Sorry, but I'm a little slow. So... How could I say "When will there be a "promoção/liquidação" at that store again? What word should I use? Sale? Sale off? Special offer? As far as I know, the term " special offer is BrE.
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You could ask:
When are you having the next clearance sale?
When are you having the another clearance sale?

Sometimes as strategy of marketing they may advertise a product in specific (special) ways so you could ask "when are you having your next TV specials again?" (TV sets on offer here), the imagery is that you are talking to a seller/vendor, etc.

There are also the seasonal ("sales" periods), think of sales as meaning "on offer", with variety, etc., being also also a strategy to attract "buy 'til you drop" consumers.

Please tell me when are the Summer and Winter sales.
Sales here meaning the seasonal sales at the begining of the said season - Summer, Winter - when there are discounts/promotions (perhaps anticipating that new models/brands, etc may experience a supply shortage and prices go up).

There are "end-of-season clearance sales" seasons as well, when clothes and goods (mainly, but not only then) are sold at lower price than usual. It's what consumers might say that they "buy something for a steal" - say, 50% OFF or something like that

Sometimes "clearance sale" is called "close-out sale". Sales made to do the "inventory clearance".

Let's.wait for more comments and insights, though.

They, the 'shopaholics' (oops! The smart shopper) even try to take advantage of discounts month-by-month
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