Como dizer "(fazer algo) em um segundo" em inglês

be gone in a jiff

- Kiddo, where are you? It's almost time, we have to be there at 7!
- Wait a moment dad, I'll be gone in a jiff.

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3 respostas
Also I'll be there in a sec(ond)
I was doing a little research and then I found a lot of examples in books. All of them using in a jiff.
  • He quaffed off his wine in a jiff" (1834)
  • "I shouldn't have done it ; but it was done in a jiff (...) I didn't mean any harm." (1868)
  • "Yes, tell them we'll be down in a jiff" (1898) [Four Girls at Cottage City by Emma Dunham Kelley]
  • "It washes clean in a jiff" (1923) [Boy's Life]
  • "(...) the next instant, in a jiff, I was blind as a bat — both eyes out" (1892) [Moby Dick by Herman Melville]
  • "I'll be back in a jiff." (1939) [Seasoned Timber by Dorothty Canfield Fisher]
  • "I'll be out in a jiff, okay?" (2006) [My Grand-Mom Told Me by Marie Elaina Gordon]
  • “Now, you just come along with old Ted Vetter and we'll sort this out in a jiff,” (2009) "[Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King]
  • "Evan and I will be there in a jiff" (2012) [One in a Billion by Beth Kery]
I first heard the expression in a recent TV series, so it's not a problem to worry over it not being that used in books these days, because after I saw it, I started listening to it in many other series and movies, so I daresay it is quite used in spoken English.
Thomas 7 60 288 a flash. a second. a minute. a sec. a moment. two shakes of a lamb's tail. a New York minute.
...before you know it.
...before you can say Jack Robinson. the wink of an eye.
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