Como dizer "Fazer as apresentações" em inglês

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In a football game when a player doesn't take the ball (playing poorly) it is said that it is necessary to make the presentation of the ball to the player (to each other).

Professor Philip introducing Miss Ball to Mr Joe Striker:
- Oh, Mr Joe Striker, have you met my colleague, Miss Ball?
- Hello Miss Ball, pleased to meet you.
- Hello Mr Joe Striker, pleased to meet you too.

Tudo isso só pra pedir que algum expert coloque uns exemplos de apresentação neste post.

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PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
Presentation if he had to give a lecture, make a speech etc, about balls. So, he would talk about it and perhaps use Powerpoint slides, etc. Then, at the ending of his presentation he would take question in, then answer them.

Introduction would be more to the point here.
My stab at it would be:

Professor Philip introducing Miss Ball to Mr Joe Striker:

-Mr. Joe Striker, meet Miss Ball.
-Mr. Joe Striker, this is Miss Ball. Miss Ball, this is Mr. Joe Striker.
-Perhaps it´s high time for Mr. Joe be introduced to Miss Ball.

And certainly there are other ironical ways.
The above one would depend on the way Mr. Philip conveys it, his gestures, expressions, tone of voice, body language etc.
You know, in written sometimes is a thing, on practice is another thing altogether.

Zumstein 1 31 437
Para quando esses caras "Muy locos" como o Márcio e o PPaulo terminam o post com uns acronyms, abbreviations, or slang terms eu receito:

Ywia - You're welcome in advance. (De nada, és bem-vindo antecipadamente)
Wia - Wounded In Action (?) - I think it's the same as Ywia.

É o que eu faço. - lol
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
Indeed it was fun-intended. You know, if you can thanks in advance, so I can say "you´re welcome in advance" (that is, well in advance, before even you have thanked me, hehe)'re-Wel ... YWIA).html
See how many acronyms are out there!

Textin is becoming so ubiquitous with some people (not the formal ones), that even a book came out. That one, written by David Crystal which title is "Txtng - The gr8 db8" [message version of "Texting, the Great Debate"]

I am not a heavy user of Txt-spk, but it was in response to a learner; so, every once in a while we jump on some of the English fads bandwagons. To keep things funny.

Speaking of fun, I found that joke on the Net, see if it doesn´t tickles your funny bone, LOL:

Two antennae got married on a rooftop. The ceremony wasn't much but the reception was excellent.

Remember 100 years ago when owning a horse was commonplace but owning a car was a luxury? Now it's reversed.