Como dizer "Fazer aula de reforço em português" em inglês

Simon Vasconcelos 4335 7 85
Se eu quiser passar de ano, eu tenho que fazer aulas de reforço em português antes das próximas provas.
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PPAULO 55820 6 43 1002

Simon Vasconcelos 4335 7 85
PPAULO, eu vi esse tópico, mas ele não responde minha dúvida, porque ele trata da tradução de "dar/ensinar aula de reforço" e não "fazer/assistir" esse tipo de aula.

Juliana Rios 19340 24 101 395

"I'm getting private Portuguese lessons/classes".

Henry Cunha 10190 3 16 182
Simon Vasconcelos escreveu:Se eu quiser passar de ano, eu tenho que fazer aulas de reforço em português antes das próximas provas.
Simon, I added an answer to the other post.

If I want to pass this grade I have to do/take extra review (and reinforcement) lessons in Portuguese before the next set of exams.

(It's not clear to me if you mean Portuguese as the discipline or as the language of instruction:

" extra Portuguese review lessons... = the discipline;
" extra...lessons in Portuguese... = the language of instruction)

vitor boldrin 585 8
Take também pode ser usado nesse sentido?

I'm going to take portuguese class.

edrob518 3170 6 71
Yes, Vitor it can be used that way.

Usually the words that go with the word class are: to attend, take, to go etc. It may seem a bit complicated to figure out which word is more commonly used with another one, but it's just like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The more we study English the easier will be to guess which word is better.

Check that collocations dictionary out in the link below it might be a bit useful.

Type a certain word and it'll show you the most collocations.

Hope I've helped

PPAULO 55820 6 43 1002
Simon, here you are.

I am having a 1 hour (private) tuition in Maths/I am having tuition Maths, since I am being coached I have made huge leaps forward.

I have a Math/English tutor wich have helped me a lot, with her/his help I got an A.

I am getting private lessons.

This is just a sample, anyway it answers you question, I think.

Edrob, I´m afraid in this case the Ozdic site doesn´t work well. Linguee get´s close, but no cigar in this case either, so in a way we are the last resource, kinda!
I wish there were more reliable sites to go as well, the more the merrier. ;)

PPAULO 55820 6 43 1002
I was going to forget the verb tense, overlooking your opening question (verb) tense.

-If I don´t want to fail the finals/if I want to be promoted this year I must call in a Math tutor.
-If I am to be promoted to the next grade this year, I have to get tutoring classes/private classes etc...

And other ways.

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