Como dizer "Fazer um acordo" em inglês

Como dizer "Fazer um acordo" em inglês?

After the divorce, my husband and I made an agreement / After the divorce, my husband reached an agreement.
Podemos usar as construções reach an agreement ou come to an agreement para dizer 'fazer um acordo'.
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Para dizer "fazer um acordo" em inglês, sugiro "make a deal".
  • I made a deal with Jane. We're going to help each other by exchanging information and resources.
  • Eu fiz um acordo com a Jane. Nós vamos nos ajudar trocando informações e recursos.
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Hi there

Or in another situation, we also can use: To make a deal
"deal" also can be "lidar"
Example: It's hard to deal with it.

Hope I've helped.
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Strike a bargain and strike a deal
To reach an agreement on a price or negotiation (for something). They argued for a while and finally struck a bargain. They were unable to strike a bargain, so they ended their meeting.

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"Reached an agreement/reached a deal" would express that. I am dealing with that portion of your question, the rest I will leave to others.

In a colloquial way, and with focus on the hard work of the discussion, litigation, etc to form or produce the agreement, you can say that "an agreement was hammed out between A and B" (where A and B can be two people, parties, nations etc)

But, back to the crux. Here one example from the People Magazine:
At the moment Sarah's future is unclear. Solicitors undoubtedly will need weeks or months to hammer out an agreement between her and Andrew. She reportedly has a mountain of overdrafts, and the two must decide who will be responsible for her debts. "There will be a financial settlement on her, so she would never have to worry about anything," says a British writer who has studied the royal family. "I would think that she would probably be required to sign a quite rigid contract that she wouldn't divulge any secrets she's been privy to while she has been a member of the royal family—she couldn't write her memoirs." ... 17,00.html

The "will need weeks or months to hammer out an agreement between her and Andrew." part, focus on the works. And the one with "there will be a financial settlement on her..." focuses on the fact itself.

I don´t know if one expression with "bargain" in it would be welcome (or polite) in such hour. Anyway, to certain cases would express the truth!
Tambem pode usar:

I have an agreement with Jane. We're going to help each other...
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Yes, Alessandra. It could also mean "fazer um acordo/firmar um acordo" along with "fazer um pacto" (in your example, I mean).
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